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Storytelling Corner: 1st Joint Event

INSPIRED BY “Everyone has a story to tell as we are instinctively born with the ability to tell stories. Since stories can touch students’ hearts before their minds, they are recognized as deeply appealing and motivating. The process of building stories in the mind is a meaning-making process”  David Heathfield, 2020 in Creative and Engaging Storytelling Teachers

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Stories and emotions: getting remotely closer to each other.

This presentation describes and discusses the use of online storytelling, especially personal stories, and anecdotes as a facilitating tool to English language learning. The project was implemented during the first term of 2021 at São Paulo Catholic University in two groups of first year undergraduates: one taking a teaching degree in English and Portuguese languages and the other taking a BA in Translation into/from English and Portuguese.

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Storytelling: Engaging and Learning

Storytelling: Engaging and Learning faz parte de uma das ações do projeto de pesquisa - Living Drama e um olhar interdisciplinar em contextos de ensino e aprendizagem de língua inglesa: atividades teatrais em foco. Esta etapa do projeto contará com a implementação de uma proposta de trabalho baseada em “storytelling”, como uma importante ferramenta, uma estratégia para a aprendizagem e o desenvolvimento da língua inglesa.


IATEFL Get-together 2020

IATEFL ran a two day professional development Global Get-Together on 18-19 April 2020. All sessions were offered free of charge to the worldwide English language teaching community on our webinar platform, as well as being live streamed on the IATEFL Facebook page. They were also recorded and are available to IATEFL members.


Profa. Dra. Maria Antonieta Alba Celani

Assista ao depoimento da Profa. Dra. Maria Antonieta Alba Celani sobre o Projeto Living Drama (2008).

Profa. Dra. Tânia Romero

Assista ao depoimento da Profa. Dra. Tânia Romero sobre o Projeto Living Drama (2008).