Around the World in 88 Tales

In a series of live digital and physical events, over the next few months, David is sharing stories inspired by RAMM objects, with storytellers from Italy to Palestine, Singapore to Peru and many, many more locations.

Watch our online story shares live on Facebook as people from diverse regions and heritages respond to David’s stories with tales of their own.

Tune in to the project’s Facebook event page to watch the next story shares live and interact directly with David and his global companions


About David Heathfield

David Heathfield spends his whole life in pursuit of wonderful new tales, learned from generous story sharers all over the World. He’s the author of the books Storytelling with our Students and Spontaneous Speaking (Delta) and the chapters Storytelling for a Better World and Storytelling for Diverse Voices (British Council).

“David is wonderful storyteller whose imagination, energy and storytelling skills had both adults and children utterly mesmerized.” – Amy Baldry, Teacher, Ilfracombe Junior School

About the storytellers

We are pleased to announce the 44 storytellers who will be joining David from all corners of the world:

Cora Teske in Germany, Amna Burki in Canada, Tere Continanza in Argentina, Jackie Ross in Scotland, Hend Qattaa in Palestine, Rasheedat Sadiq in Nigeria, Alan Hall in Ireland, Domi Rai in UK/Slovakia, Sanja Raskovic in Croatia, Simona Stambazzi in Italy, Jean Hale in the USA, Jenifah Abu-Hassan in Malaysia, Kiran Shah in Australia, Irshad Barkat in Pakistan, Zahra Afsah in Iran/UK, Belen Rodriguez in Spain, Laura Ballesio in Italy, Norman Perrin in Canada, John Row in England, Priyanka Chatterjee in India, Maria Papanikolaou in Greece, Aleydis Delforge in Belgium, Suheda Sahin in Turkey, Wangari Grace in Kenya, Sikha Gurung in Nepal, Ahn Sook Kim in South Korea, Swee Yean Wong in Singapore, Vera Cabrera Duarte in Brazil, Letty Segura in Mexico, Baba-C in the USA, Zouhair Khaznaoui in Morocco, Laxman Gnawali in Nepal, Sachi Fukuyama in Japan, Harry Kuchah Kuchah in UK/Cameroon, Muhammed Jawhar Yasin in Kurdistan, Raouf Mama in Benin, Mindy Neo in Singapore, Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa in South Africa/Uganda, Glenda Gallardo in Peru, Alla Goeksu in Germany/Ukraine, Giorgiana Elena Popan in Romania, Irina Shatrova in Russia, Eirian Conlon in Wales and Svend-Erik Engh in Scotland/Denmark